Located in North Vancouver, BC Canada, North Shore Oil Tank Recovery specializes in oil tank removal and recovery by hand, oil tank detection and site remediation. On this page, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by telephone.
 Q. How do I know if there is an abandoned oil tank buried on the property?

A. The age of your home is the first thing to consider. The previous owner or neighbors may have information regarding oil tank location or history. The two main visual clues are filler pipes or vent pipes along the side of the home. These are often cut off over the years making meter detection your primary means of locating a possible oil tank. Other signs can be cut-off feed lines in the basement or signs of oil in perimeter drainage.

 Q. Why choose North Shore Oil Tank Recovery?

A. Experience is the key. We have been removing buried oil tanks for years and we pride ourselves on leaving your property in the same state it was in when we started the job, regardless of where the oil tank was buried. In many cases, the property is actually left in better condition than it was before we started the job.

 Q. How much does it cost to remove an oil tank?

A. The recovery cost depends on the oil tank size, the depth it is buried, the location, the permit costs, the oil tank contents as well as other municipal requirements.

 Q. Has the oil tank on my property been leaking?

A. Until the oil tank is excavated, we cannot tell for sure if it has been leaking. Sometimes however, there are signs that can give us clues to indicate if this has been an issue.

 Q. How long does the job take?

A. Usually one day is sufficient with a follow-up visit to top-dress the hole after it has settled.

 Q. Who uses North Shore Oil Tank Recovery?

A. Most of the top realtors on Vancouver's North Shore refer North Shore Oil Tank Recovery to their clients and we continue to impress more and more clients across the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC Canada with our fast, efficient and caring service. We are happy to be of service to everyone who contacts us.
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